'You call it sectarianism, I call it racism' – Hibs boss Lennon

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Neil Lennon believes he suffers anti-Catholic “racism” in Scotland and says there was an effigy depicting him being hanged at Tynecastle during Wednesday’s Edinburgh derby.

The Hibernian head coach was struck by a coin during his team’s goalless draw after celebrating a disallowed Hearts goal.

Lennon suggested some observers had blamed him for “bringing it on myself” by “goading people”, which he described as a “pretty poor” argument.

“You call it sectarianism here in Scotland, I call it racism,” Lennon said. “If a black man is abused, you’re not just abusing the colour of his skin – you’re abusing his culture, heritage, his background.

“It’s the exact same when I get called a Fenian, a pauper, a beggar, a tarrier. These people have a sense of entitlement, or a superiority complex, and all I do is stand up for myself.

“I got hit by a coin in the face by someone in the crowd. Not happy with some of the comments that have come out after. People should know better.

“Pretty poor, all this, ‘I was goading people, I brought it on myself’. There was an effigy at Tynecastle saying, ‘hang Neil Lennon’, that was before the game.

“Did I bring that on myself? You’re all saying no, because you’re right minded people, you’re decent people.

“So this has got to stop. Everyone says I play the victim – I don’t.”

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